All of creation is endowed with the eternal spark of the Divine. The sacred is imminent and is expressed in our temporal lives, actions and physical forms. It is also transcendent and in its transcendent aspect offers us the opportunity to exceed our limitations and grow.

The spiritual work of the soul is centered around manifesting a reality that is closer to our eternal nature, while living and loving within the temporal world. Both aspects of the self are equally sacred and essential. If we shun the temporal world we cannot ground and manifest our higher light.

The Great Mother Goddess Quan Yin assists us in the pursuit of our true and authentic spiritual selves. Through her Constellation of Bliss Activation we can tune into our unique guidance system in order to follow our own authentic path to ascension.

Quan Yin guides us to realize our Divine inheritance by unlocking our awareness of the blueprint of our own Constellation of Bliss so that we can choose to follow the path to our truth. The Constellation of Bliss Activation allows the brilliance of your own star map to be revealed. Just as mariners have used the stars to direct their course in traversing vast distances of ocean and sea, we can use our own stars to guide us in our spiritual journey.

Within your Constellation of Bliss, the story of your soul is laid out. Your constellation is informed by your soul’s experiences before this life as well as during this life. Your unique gifts and challenges you have come to this world with in order to grow are all mapped into your Constellation of Bliss. Activation of the Constellation of Bliss creates a kind of energetic environment that allows you to receive communication from your stars that will allow your life to shine and align you with your highest potential.

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)