Quan Yin is sometimes called “The Protector”. She is the compassionate and unconditionally loving, spiritual Mother of all. Whatever afflicts us and whatever trials and challenges we face, within and without ourselves, she hears us and offers her assistance when we request it with a pure heart and without ego.

The yin energy nature of the Goddess means that when her energy is invoked, it can neutralize the negative and harmful effects of yang dominant consciousness that’s so heavily reflected and emphasized is the world today.

The Light Sanctuary Activation comes to us through the benevolent grace of the Great Mother Goddess. It is particularly indicated for the following:

• Emotional healing
• Being around toxic people
• Interactions with narcissists, or malignant personality types
• Being around sick people
• Psychic self-defense
• Neutralizing negative influences
• Balancing and grounding your energy
• Creating an aura of protection
• Anxiety or stress
• Depression or sadness
• During times of feeling overwhelmed
• Protection from negative entities such as lower astral beings
• Energetic protection in the workplace or in public
• Energetic protection for the home
• Hypersensitivity
• Safe use of psychic gifts
• Protection against nightmares and sleep paralysis
• Creating a safe space for meditation work
• Taking a ‘time out’ for relaxation or meditation

The yin energy of the Light Sanctuary Activation counters the active and outgoing expressions of energy that dominate the modern world with passive and introverted energies that both deflect and reflect negative, damaging or hindering energy frequencies away from your energy field.

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)