The Great Goddess of antiquity rules over our intuitive nature – the aspect of ourselves that is able to connect with the invisible realms. Quan Yin brings this powerful attunement to you to awaken your intuitive gifts and develop your psychic abilities. If you are new to spiritual practice, don’t worry! Quan Yin will guide and protect you as you explore the uncharted waters of the collective unconscious.

Our intuition is a powerful tool for self-mastery and healing. It can provide us with insight and connection, or powerful guidance. It helps us to grow in wisdom and understanding. Our intuition informs and instructs us on our spiritual journey and to navigate the world more effectively, avoiding danger and realizing opportunities. When we take the time to properly develop our intuition, we can tap into it for insight on things beyond ourselves. You will learn to understand the messages of your unconscious mind.

The Personal Unconscious is the individual, unmanifested, Yin aspect of the individual human soul. You might think of this as the psyche or dreamscapes you tap into in your visions or dreams. You can learn to translate the language of these communications. The interpretation of dreams and visions is unique to each individual. Time, attention and regular practice will teach you to derive accurate interpretations of psychic and intuitive promptings.

The Ocean of Intuition 3rd Eye Activation will tune you into your unconscious mind and beyond that, the Akashic Records/Collective Unconscious. The activation opens the 3rd eye center so that you can perceive the communications of the unconscious realm.

Founder: Anna Louise May (Maya)