Roses have been long used as ancient symbols of love, desire and beauty. They are sacred to many Goddesses including Isis, Aphrodite and Venus. They are also associated with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna.

Roses are used as food supplements and in herbal and folk medicines. They are very useful in treating many maladies.

Red Rose Reiki can help you with:
• Healing
• Beauty
• Intense and passionate love
• Attraction and desire
• Courage and respect
• Joy and happiness
• Wellbeing
• Diuretic and laxative
• Stomach problems
• Mouth and throat problems
• Treat mild inflammations
• Diarrhea and poor digestion
• Osteoarthritis
• Various urinary tract disorders
• Bring balance to nerves and to endocrine glands
• Stimulate the immune system
• Helping with colds and flus
• Alleviate anxiety and depression
• Alleviate skin irritations

Founder: Maria Joao Sereno (Brigitt)