The comfort and reassurance of mother’s love is something we all crave no matter our age or position in life.  During childhood many people found it difficult or were unable to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams, to be comforted of their fears and loved unconditionally no matter what, or even to be accepted by their human mother.  This can cause people to push their pain deep inside.

Some souls struggle with the concept of human childhood, feeling confined and restricted.  A destructive path can continue into the teenage years or beyond, as they are unable to repair the rift between them and their mother.

Trauma during childhood can cause the Inner Child Aspect to become damages.  The damage can reverberate for the rest of their lives, never managing to be comforted, held, accepted or healed.

In many cases, acknowledging your inner child, and nurturing it with the Divine Mother’s Love may be all that’s needed to bring about harmony and balance to your wellbeing.  Although we cannot change our past, we can reframe it through a more loving and forgiving lens of perception.

We can draw strength and comfort from Mother Mary knowing that she is always with us.  For those who have lost their human mother either through desertion or death, no matter at what age, Mary will lovingly step in to fulfill that role.

An Inner Child Healing & Integration session aims to repair and heal the wounds caused by parents, caregivers and others, and to welcome and integrate our hurt, fragmented self.  Once we can move forward from this, we can build a positive framework for our future as a whole and healed person.

The Ascended Masters Inner Child Healing & Integration With Mother Mary Attunement helps you to invite Mother Mary To work with you to empower, nurture and heal your Inner Child.

Founder:  Raine Hilton