The Cloak of Mary Activation assists with any inconsolable anguish, distress or misery. This energy assists in clearing and releasing the unremitting, inconsolable grief of acute suffering that might be crushing your spirit. This system also assists with lifting the spiritual darkness or spiritual crises of the soul.

The Cloak of Mary Activation energetically wraps you in the love and protection of Mary, and lifts pain and suffering, allowing the light of healing and hope to embrace you. It helps you to bring to the surface and release what no longer serves helping to clear those wounds hidden in the deep recesses of your soul.

This attunement assists your connection with Mary so you can turn to her in your time of need. You may activate it for your loved ones, animals, situations or environments. Her ethereal cloak energy will provide comfort, clearing and protection.

There is a symbol to help you set your intention and activation. It increases the energies of the Cloak of Mary attunement.

Founder: Zabrina