The Ferocious Resilience of Sekhmet Activation connects your spirit to the fluidity of Sekhmet’s Divine Feminine spirit to strengthen your resilience and your lifeforce.

Sekhmet is a powerful healer, known as “The Great Lady of Healing”, and is a patroness of healers. She is also known as “She Who Is Powerful”.

Some of her other attributes include the “Red Lady of the Desert”, connecting with the burning heat of the sun. Connect to her in all areas that need ferocious obliterations.

Using The Ferocious Resilience of Sekhmet Activation helps to bring restoration of physical, mental or spiritual pain and suffering.

As the “Lady of Pestilence” Sekhmet is a master of the art of medicine, providing cure to various ailments.

This system enhances your ferociousness, releases timidity, and helps you to boldly and energetically encounter a situation, environment, person or malady while being supported by Sekhmet’s power and might.

The Ferocious Resilience of Sekhmet Activation may be activated for people, animals, environments and situations.

Founder: Zabrina



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