Bee Goddess Hyblaea Ancestral Journey is a multi-level system taken over a three week time period

Level 1 begins your initiation to Bee Goddess Hyblaea.  This sacred initiation allows you acceptance to become an initiate of Hyblaea.

Perhaps one day she will bestow the title of Hyblaea Priestess/Priest on you if you are dedicated to her path.  You will know if this work is right for you.

Level 2 teaches you to journey with the Honey Bee, allowing you to open up to the sweetness and joy of life, the simple pleasures of stopping to smell the flowers in your busy day.

The Honey Bee enhances our focus and attention and brings good luck, abundance and prosperity to your endeavors.

Level 3 works with the Honey Bee as a messenger of the ancestors to help enhance your natural clairsenses communication abilities.

The Bee Goddess is also known around the world as:

  • Brigid – Irish Goddess of bees
  • Austeja – Lithuanian Goddess of bees
  • Bramari – Hindu Goddess of bees
  • Colel Cab – Mayan Goddess of bees
  • Melissa – Ancient Greek/Minoan Goddess of bees
  • Mellona – Roman Goddess of bees

This extensive manual includes:

  • Goddess Hyblaea Channeled Communication
  • Attunement Procedures for sending and receiving Bee Goddess Hyblaea Ancestral Journey
  • Traditional Beekeeping
  • Bee Symbolism
  • Ancestral Communication
  • Working With This Energy
  • Ancestors Tarot Spread

You may receive Level one of Bee Goddess Hyblaea Ancestral Journey by chi ball or in real time.  Levels 2 and 3 are sent by chi ball.  These are received a week apart.

Founder:  Raine Hilton