Goddesses of the Sun

The Egyptian Goddesses of the Sun essences with golden energetic light are Lady Bast, Lady Hathor and Lady Sekhmet.  The essence energies were combined with Shinto Goddess Lady Amaterasu, Norse Mistress of the Sun Lady Sunna, Vedic Goddess Lady Ushas, and bring of the Dawns Light Lady Aurora.

The Egyptian Goddesses of the Sun is a Solar Essence infused that connects you to the Goddesses of the Sun, the Divine Feminine bringers of the light to infuse you with the light of the Sun.

This system helps to increase your ability to generate, retain and convey light.  It removes the veil, and opens a portal of cleansing and purification energy.

Goddesses of the Sun increases your ability to work with the rhythms of nature.  You can attract and draw the light of the Sun, at its rising pinnacle, delivered by the Goddesses of the Sun.

It magnifies and uplifts the Divine Feminine within you and assists in driving away uncertainty and indecision.  It lends support to renew or create life passions and the essence breathes luminosity into all areas of your life. As these are absorbed and anchored it restores vitality and infuses your health, your energy body, your heart, your relationships, your intentions, healings and energy work.

Included in the Manual:

Solar Essence Light Infusion Rite to deepen your relationship with the Goddesses of the Sun.  Goddesses of the Sun Oil

Goddesses of the Sun Crystal Infusion

Master Teacher authorizes you to share this system with others.  You will need to purchase the Personal Use Manual in addition to Master Teacher if you intend to share it with others for Personal Use only.


Founder:  Rosemary Noel