Would you like to experience more of the magnified energies of the Lunar Eclipse coupled with the Full Moon energies? You can see more of what has been obscured and is within the shadows and crevices of your soul. Lunar eclipses can open a portal for your soul and offer you faster manifestation of your dreams, destiny and desires.

Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence is an energy attunement that can help you with all this, and so much more. You can be shown shifts that have been simmering during your busyness. This energy assists you in embracing your shadows, allowing you to heal them, and release them.

Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence helps your life to flow forward with the rhythms of Lunar events of Eclipses. You can more easily cut cords, bringing you transformation, and helping you to not fall back on the karmic wheel.

Magical Lunar Eclipse Essence emanates a shift, opening a portal in time for your emancipation and offers you the opportunity to speed your healing, and manifest your destiny, dreams and desires more quickly.

This system propels sudden change and liberates you to move forward, seize a brand new day and bring you transformation on many levels.

Founder: Zabrina

If you would like to share this attunement with others you will need to purchase the Personal Use level for your clients.

Master Teacher:  $90

Personal Use: $63