Green Dragons
Green Dragons are connected with Earth healing. Work with this energy helps to heal the stagnation of the Earth, and for healing the people that have been poisoned by products poured on Earth by man.

Yellow Dragons
Yellow Dragons are connected with cleaning and healing the air and sickness caused by the pollution in the air. This dragon helps with healing with people having lung problems or bad air. It also helps to heal the lungs of people who have smoked.

Red Dragons
Red Dragons are protectors of people and the Earth. They help to control weather and the seasons. Work with these dragons help to keep the Earth, Air and Water from becoming more polluted. They help to heal sickness and work with climate regulation.

Blue Dragons
Blue Dragons live in the seas and streams of the Earth. Working with these Dragons helps with water pollution and can help in healing people that may have become poisoned from drinking and using bad water.

There are four attunements to Dragon Empowerment. This system is sent by chi ball only.

Founder: Roger T. Hill