The Dragon symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, and nobility and divinity. A dragon overcomes obstacles until successes are theirs. They energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious.

The Dragon is often seen as the symbol of divine protection and vigilance. It is regarded as the Supreme Being amongst all creatures. It has the ability to live in the seas, fly up in the heavens and coil up in the land in the form of mountains. Being the divine mythical animal, the Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow stafey to all that hold his emblem.

On the spiritual path, the Dragon energy symbolizes the power to fight against evil and to protect people. It is the energy of the Spiritual Warrior, a Warrior of Light, who continuously fights evil and darkness, or those who bring darkness. Dragon Ki energy transforms the spirit at the highest levels and brings protection against evil spirits. Dragon Ki brings physical strength.

Prerequiste: Usui or Karuna Master

Founder: Kristen C. Dietz