There are different kinds of Dragons with very different abilities. They are strong, cruel, courageous, helpful, intelligent, wise and in connection with magic. They are keepers of secret knowledge and much more.

Dragons are the mightiest forces of the ethereal realms. They are keepers of wisdom and guard the transition from fire to light and from knowledge to wisdom. They can be symbols for sexual power, unleashed energy, force and protection, misfortune and poison and also for complete healing.

This extensive manual discussed many aspects of dragons in their multitude of forms and habitat, and a Dragon Journey Meditation.

There are 7 symbols in Dragon Reiki I.



Dragon Reiki II is an extension of Dragon Reiki I. It contains 5 symbols connected to special Dragons and their abilities.

These symbols make it possible to use these abilities of the Dragons more purposefully and effectively or to adjust or transform our own abilities that we dislike with the corresponding Dragon power.

Founder: Andrea Baginski