Dragon Sekhem offers deep clearing, transmutation, alignment and better manifestation. It assists with quickly shifting limiting perceptions, stepping into your power and boosting self-confidence in your abilities.

Dragons are interdimensional beings often associated with power, strength, protection, magic and manifestation. Dragon Sekhem is safe and only connects with energies of light with your full consent.

Sekhem is very similar to Seichim or Reiki. It is a Universal life force energy that tends to be upfront and gets straight to the point, often described as ‘power’. It works well with clearing stubborn blockages, overall healing, moving forward and connecting with the Elements of Nature.

Spiritually you may find it easier to connect with Universal knowledge, make spiritual discoveries and experience moments of enlightenment. It is a very versatile energy stream.

The energies of Dragon Sekhem are very flexible and may be used for just about anything you are working on.

Dragon Sekhem Functions:
• Energetic connections with benevolent dragon energies
• Energetic connections with Sekhem
• Increased self-confidence and personal power
• Shifts limiting perceptions
• Manifestation and abundance
• Negative energy clearing
• Transmutation of energies and aspects of life
• Embracing your spiritual calling
• Speaking your truth with love and kindness
• Stimulating spiritual awakening and development
• Increased connection with Mother Earth
• Energetic protection
• Astral travel
• Opening and closing dimensions
• Interdimensional healing
• Raising your vibrations

Founder: Craig Maclennan