The Dynamic Dragon Connections Maintenance Attunement energetically connects you with the light of all benevolent dragons, specific dragons, or qualities from a particular dragon for healing, and personal and spiritual development.

Dragons are interdimensional beings often associated with power, strength, protection, magic and manifestation. This system works first by raising your vibration, then creates a safe energetic space to work with the dynamic dragon energies.

Activating the energies of Dynamic Dragon Connections can help with the following:
• Energetically connect with all benevolent dragons
• Personal and spiritual development
• Psychic development
• Healing the planet
• Can be combined with any energy practices
• Ascension and enlightenment
• Raises your vibration

Functions Include:
• Physical
• Emotional
• Mental
• Mental clarity
• Relationships
• Work and career
• Animal and Earth healing
• Aura
• Chakras
• Meridians
• Kundalini
• Balance your energies
• Protection
• Spiritual
• Karma
• Past lives
• Paste events
• Present events
• Future events
• Ascension
• Raise vibration

Founder: Craig Maclennan