As spiritual seekers we are led to believe that we should be on a constant search for perfection; in our personal and professional lives, and especially on our spiritual path.

However, as Buddha taught us, seeking perfection should not be an arduous and call consuming task that makes us deny the things we enjoy.  Buddha teaches us that seeking perfection should be a joyful journey of discovery.

Kuan Yin teaches love and compassion for the self and for all.  She urges us to accept and respect others just as they are and ourselves just as we are.

The Lotus Flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun. But sooner or later, the Lotus reaches the light, becoming the most beautiful flower ever.

There may be an aspect of your life that makes you feel as if you are wading through deep mud to achieve results.  Know that my being stuck in the mud you can achieve a particular state of grace, so it’s not a bad state to be in.  Being stuck allows you to examine everything as it is.  It indicates that this isn’t the time for you to make any sudden moves or important decisions.  This is your time to just Be.  Allow everything that has happened on your life journey to come together.

The Seeking Perfection attunement connects you to Lotus Essence with Buddha and Kuan Yin.

Do you seek perfection?  Does everything you do need to be flawless and without the possibility of failure?  If so, your pursuit of perfection might reveal a prominent imperfection.  Perfectionism means setting our goals to too high and having unrealistic expectations of ourselves.  Failure is often a prerequisite for success.  We become more resilient as we replace the aspiration for perfection with the humble desire to learn and grow from our experience.

The manual for this system includes a Healing Meditation Journey with the Sacred Lotus and Buddha and Kuan Yin.

“Seek not the perfect moment, but the perfection in every moment.”

Founder:  Raine Hilton