The energies of attunements can become corrupt due to many different things. Teaches can add or remove someone from the lineage to have their name be closer to the beginning, making it look like their lineage is shorter than it really is. It can also be tampered with by someone adding or subtracting information within a manual. I have seen this happen.

Some lineages are quite long, especially with older attunements. This in itself is not negative. The Lineage Clearing Empowerment is a way to ensure that the energies are strictly between you, your Higher Self, energies of the system and Spirit.

Lineages are only safe if the energies are pure. That’s why I clear the energies before every attunement, and also when using any energy system for my own purposes, or during mentoring or healing sessions. I do all my energy work in a safe and sacred space. Even so, the Lineage Clearing Empowerment adds another layer of protection for you and those you may share attunements and energy systems with.

Activating the Spiritual Lineage Clearing Empowerment may result in the following:

Removing harmful negative influences
Raising your energy vibrations to higher states of awareness
Remembering your spiritual identity
Increasing your personal power and inner wisdom
Increased energetic protection
Greater psychic development

This attunement is very simple to use and is activated by intention. When you use it, you are clearing away energy blocks as well as flushing your own lineages so they are kept in alignment with your highest good. The energy is intelligent and knows exactly what is needed.

Functions of The Lineage Clearing Empowerment:

Lineage Clearing Empowerment Energy Activation
Identify Blockages Function
Blockages Removal Function
Removal of Harmful Negative Influences Function
Increasing Your Personal Power and Inner Wisdom Function
Energetic Protection Function
Remembering Your Spiritual Identity Function

Founder: Jay Burrell