This energy system invites Kuan Yin into your life in order for you to receive the gifts and healing qualities of wisdom, serenity, purity, integrity and loyalty.

Pearlescent Reiki helps to bring your awareness the value of these qualities and how they can guide you along your soul path.

This beautiful, tranquil energy aids you in seeing to the heart of any challenges you are experiencing so you can bring them to light and learn the gift of the lesson that each one holds. This helps us to embrace everything as part of our soul’s growth, and as opportunities for you to express who we are at a soul level.

This attunement helps with:
Learning how to stop being reactive and approach others in a loving, open and proactive ways
Show us which of our character traits we need to work on
Teach you what we have going on inside that needs recognition, healing, releasing and healing
Shine light into your darkness, allowing you to see life in a new way
Provide you with the light of wisdom in knowing that each challenging situation can transform you into a beautiful pearl of light
Bring good luck, good fortune and wealth
Alleviate symptoms related to lung diseases, including asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, reduce fevers, eradicate allergies, promote growth of new cells and help during childbirth
Stimulate your heart chakra
Deepen your connection to your core nature
Calm and center you
Nurture faith, loyalty, integrity and purity
Help women to connect with your Inner Goddess and men with their feminine attributes
Bring you equilibrium with vital balanced, feminine energy
Rebalance deficiencies in body and spirit
Heal your body and create balance in your life

Founder: Raine Hilton