The Akashic Records are the past, present and future knowledge of all things. At the time a soul begins to experience life as an independent entity, a field of energy is created to record every word, thought, intent, emotion and generated by that soul.

The Akashic Record, or the Book of Life for an individual contains every piece of information about a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. Each soul’s Record becomes available through a certain unique frequency that is encoded int the energies of the Universe. These Records help you to move forward, heal, succeed, and learn Truth.

The Akashic Records Flush Empowerment is designed to clear the Akashic Records when and where the soul’s suffering originated so that you are not restricted on a karmic or energetic level.

Benefits of Akashic Records Flush Empowerment:
Accelerated spiritual growth
Enhanced spiritual guidance
Healthy interactions with family, friends and lovers
Adoption of behaviors that are in alignment with your Highest Good
Manifestation of your heart’s desired
Riddance of past influences
Freedom from problematic thinking
Enhanced spiritual gifts
Healing of influences from past lives and/or karmic influences
Removal of psychic contaminants or influences
Greater sense of oneness with Source
Improved vitality
Higher vibrations

Founder: Tracey Loper