I invite you to walk The Beauty Way with me… Take hold of the hand I am offering you in love with healing, joy and peace… Fly wing to wing with me and Great Spirit to discover how much healing you can receive for yourself, and give to our Mother Earth, known as Pachamama, and to All of our Relations, all beings who dwell upon her. Allow beauty to enhance your life in everything you say and do.

This is the most loving and authentic version of Nusta Karpay, The Seven Sacred Goddess Rites that I have seen or worked with.

The Nusta Karpay are seven Goddess Initiations gifted to us from the Andean Q’ero medicine
women and men of Peru. The Nustas are the Goddesses of the Apus Mountains and waters along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia.

Now is the time for us to bring great transformation and balance to Pachamama, The Earth Mother. The intent of the Nusta Karpay is to soften the hearts of both women and men to help empower women. These seven initiations offer light to bring balance to the feminine and masculine energies within you. As you balance and heal the Divine Feminine within yourself, you also help to heal Pachamama.

There were prophecies handed down from the Apus mountains bringing the message that it is time to share these ceremonies and teachings to balance the life forces of our world. You can find your heart opening as you move into alignment with the natural forces of our planet.

These seven Goddess Rites correspond to your seven major chakras and your light body, bringing healing to body, heart and mind. Being initiated tin these rites work with the cycles of the Moon and the cycles of Nature, healing and balancing the balance of the feminine within you.

The healing energy of the Nustas offers you deep connection with the feminine qualities found in all of Creation. You may begin to heal your connection to Mother Earth and all living beings.

You will be deeply supported as you accelerate your connection with everything around you from the Earth to the Cosmos. It is time to return to your self-mastery through connection with All That Is, opening your heart as you connect with your empathy, feelings and intuition through connection with Goddess energy.

These attunements are sent as seven chi balls, also known as The Orb of Life.  To learn to create an Orb of Life, please refer to the Miscellaneous Page of Energy Attunements.


• A set of Chumpi Stones or a set of 7 Chakra Crystals.

• A lineage stone given to you by your teacher. This may be a physical stone or an ethereal stone depending on your location.

• Feathers to work with Maria Sakapona.

• Suggested: an altar to honor your ancestors or memorabilia to represent something physical, permanent and tangible.

• Items to create a prayer bundle when you work with and honor Doña Simona.

• Candles and other sacred items as you are guided.

Founders: Sophia, Divine Mother of All Life, Marcy Shulman, Cynthia Ann Marie Karakalia Ayton.