Shaman knowledge and practice is not indigenous or geographically specific. There are many who use “Shamanic Touch” and ritual in their healing work.

In our modern day world the Shaman may have a new face but the energy remains the same exultation with the power of the Earth and beyond. The honor and the respect for the Universe and acceptance of all life is at the heart of Shamanism. The Shaman honors his environment by using it for what it was intended to be used for. She or he is aware of entities, cords and life experiences that can damage our etheric field and physical bodies and seeks to find a ‘cure’. The ability to transform oneself to an ecstatic or trance staste is necessary to fulfill this role.

Becoming a shaman is a life-long practice. It is not religious specific. It can fit into any belief system. Shamans do not worship nature. They respect and honor nature with their behavior and gifts for her. They are not limited in belief of practice by reality. They work I two realities.

The study and practice of the medicine way is not for personal growth. Spirit journeys are taken to seek answers that will help all of the people and not just the practitioner.

Connection and knowledge of the ‘Allies’ or spirit helpers is well known and used in this work. These allies can be animal, plant, mineral, color, light and vibration. They are teachers as well as protection for the Shaman.

Founder: Lisa “Ladywolf” Center