The Circle of Life is reflected throughout Nature; the Moon, The Sun and Mother Earth. There have been ‘circles’ found all over the world. The Native Nations of North America created many wheels that are still present today. It is said that if you follow the Sacred Hoop and consider the lessons you learn there that it will change you. It is the Medicine Wheel that connects us to ourselves and the rest of the Universe.

The word Medicine refers to anything that promotes harmony on our earthly walk. Some people see dis-ease as nothing more than disharmony within the soul of the person.

There are four directions to the Medicine Wheel. Each direction as specific gifts and teachings. The Activation of the Medicine Wheel asks you to open your eyes to the gifts that are uniquely yours. This circle can be applied to a day, a year or a lifetime.

Medicine wheels are made with stones. A circle with a cross in the middle is a basic beginning. The cross divides the circle into four equal parts. The number 4 is very sacred:
The 4 primary laws of creation – life, unity, equality and eternity
The 4 directions – East, South, West and North
The 4 races – white, black yellow and red
The 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall
The 4 elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water
The 4 days of the Sun – power days for each direction the two equinoxes and two solistices

The center of the wheel is where we stand with Creator.

The 4 sections of the Medicine Wheel:
East – Illumination and Clarity
South – Faithfulness and Humility
West – Introspection and Goals
North – Wisdom and Gratitude

The Activation of The Medicine Wheel teaches you about the teachings and gifts of each direction and how to work with them.

Founder: Lisa “Ladywolf” Center