The word ‘shaman’ comes from the people of Siberia. It translates as ‘one who knows’ or ‘wise one’. The wisdom means the shaman’s ability to transcend the ‘normal’ limits of consciousness in order to make direct contact with other dimensions of reality. A shaman walks between the worlds.

For the shaman our everyday waking consciousness is but one small aspect of total reality. They are aware beyond our normal range of consciousness, accessing powerful modes of awareness to increase personal power.

Most shamanic cultures distinguish between three levels of reality:

The Lower World: relates to the subconsciousness, a place of instinct where our animal-like powers reside, and where we have access to Earthy knowledge. It is the place to meet your power animal.

The Middle World is where our everyday consciousness resides, where we receive guidance about the spiritual or energetic aspects of current life situations.

The Upper World is where the gods reside, the home of philosophically minded guides and teachers, and where we find Elders and ancestors who are willing to assist us and guide us along our path through life.

In Native American cosmology, creation came from the Great Mystery, who manifested as Wankan Tanka, The Great Spirit. From Great Spirit emerged the polarity of feminine and masculine, Earth and Sky. From these polarized forces, the energies of the Four Directions were born, setting all of Creation in motion.

You will learn about The Four Elements through the manual and attunement of The Shamanic Empowerment. All shamanic cultures share a belief in the Four Elements as the energies that form the building blocks of all Creation. The Elements are often associated with the four primary directions. This belief gave rise to the Medicine Wheel, a practical method for receiving healing and guidance from the natural forces within and around us.

In shamanic cultures there is no distinction made between ordinary reality and the unseen world of Spirit. For this reason, shamans place a great value on assistance from the world of Spirit. A shaman usually works with a variety of spiritual helpers and companions.

• Power or totem animals
• Teachers
• Helpers
• The Luminous Body
• Universal Energy

The Shamanic Empowerment will teach you about:
• Living the Shamanic Way
• The Shamanic State of Consciousness
• Beginning the Day – Attuning to Nature
• Building Energy
• Experiencing the Energy of The Chakras
• The Empowerment Breath
• Creating Sacred Space
• Meeting the Shining Ones – the Keepers of the Elements
• Elemental Meditations
• The Shamanic Journey
• Journey to Meet a Guide
• Journey to Find Lost Soul Parts
• Journey to Release the Soul Parts of Others
• Outer Journeys – Discovering Power and Magick in the World Around Us
• Finding a Power Spot
• Stalking Yourself
• Connecting to the Powers of Nature
• Healing the Luminous Body
• The Shamanic Light Healing Process
• A General Balancing Session
• A Session for Dealing with Specific Healing Issues


Founder: Johan Roelosfse