The Shamanic Prayer Tree Empowerment is a beautiful energy system that connects you with your own Etheric Prayer Tree that you can use to help manifest your goals, dreams and desires into this reality. These powerful energies come directly from Sacred Source. They powerfully connect you with the energies of your own prayer tree.

In Shamanic Traditions trees are held as sacred. They are sacred bridges between Heaven and Earth that are blessed by Shamans in special rituals and ceremonies to drawn spiritual presence and blessings. After that, the Prayer Tree would be revered as a sacred play where prayers are made and tied to the branches to be carried off to the Spirit Realms to be heard and manifested into reality.

People loosely tie ribbons to the branches of the Prayer Tree. These ribbons represent personal prayers for loved ones, family, health, abundance, peace, the community, and the world.

Prayers are a personal communication between a person and a higher source of power, something greater than ourselves. This can be a God, a deity, Source, the Universe, etc., and not necessarily linked to a religion. Prayers can be for healing, releasing, opportunity, abundance, health, relief, change and more. They should always be made with honor and gratitude to the higher source of power.

Making prayers by placing into something tangible such as a ribbon transforms the prayer in to spirit, uniting the two Worlds, Earth and Spirit. The prayers are extremely focused on their intention. Gratitude is expressed during the entire process for the beauty and gifts of nature, the materials used, the helping spirits and to the Universe for enabling the prayers to be manifested on Earth.

Using the Shamanic Prayer Tree Empowerment enables you to ‘tie’ your prayers onto the etheric branches of your prayer tree, to be taken to Sacred Source to be manifested into your reality.

Founder: Amanda Hadley