Shamanic Soul Retrieval connects you to Spirit and your Higher Self so that you can discover what is at the root of your problems and issues. The energies of this attunement help you to recognize the pieces of yourself that have been lost or given away.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval helps to heal the underlying issues by retrieving lost pieces of Self, helping you to be happier, more whole and more complete. When you regain the lost pieces of yourself you may find your self-esteem, courage and self-confidence returning.

Working with the energies of this system will help speed the healing of important issues that have been holding you back and blocking your happiness.

Many times in our lives we suddenly realize that something is missing. This is due to the pieces that we have lost or given up. We many feel an emptiness because we have surrendered to the will of someone else at our own expense. This can happen without our even being aware of it.

Often, a little at a time, we give in to keep the peace; we settle for less, or we just allow our own needs to take last place in our lives. Eventually you begin to feel that something is missing in your life.

When you have denied yourself of your needs your true self can become hidden, not allowing your soul light to shine through.

In truth you always have the choice to stand in your own power. You have the ability to change circumstances, to leave negative relationships and to look for the lessons in whatever happened so that you learn for the future helping yourself and perhaps others as well.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval offers you the courage to go within in a shamanic way and be protected as you search for answers to bring healing to yourself or others.

During your attunement you will receive a meditation and a symbol to assist you in connecting to the energies of this system.

Founder: Linda Colibert