Shamanic Hopi Stones are also known as Moqui Marbles, Boji Stones, and Navajo Berries. Shaman Stones were used by the Moqui Indians in rltual practices and meditations. They were referred to as Spiritual Talismans, and were used in channeling higher knowledge, contacting angelic beings, spirit guides and totem animals.

Shaman Stones are used to realign and balance the chakras and to clear blockages that build up in our spiritual bodies. When our chakras are not in sync with one another, the spiritual energy is unable to flow freely through the body, creating disease and illness. This may cause feelings of imbalance, lethargy, lack of motivation and loss of self-confidence.

Hopi Stones help to revitalize your entire energy system and strengthen your connection with Mother Earth. They provide you with etheric nutrients, knowledge and vitality.

When you use the etheric qualities of these stones you will notice that they slowly begin a process of transformation within your spiritual life and offer growth and new beginnings. They unlock your intuition, bringing greater clarity, understanding and increased psychic potential to spirit guides, angels and totem animals.

Shaman Stones help you to find inner balance and expand Qi throughout your body.

The manual suggests activating a Shamanic Hopi Stone into your heart chakra daily to repel negativity directed towards you either consciously or unconsciously. They will create a powerful etheric shield to surround you, your home and all of your loved ones.

Uses for Shamanic Hopi Stone Energies:
Fill your aura and chakras with clearing, aligning and balancing your spiritual body
Help you to live in alignment with All That Is
Gently remove energies no longer serving your highest good
Form a protective orb of divine light around you and your surroundings
Repel negative energies from entering your consciousness
Expand your psychic abilities
Create a channel for Universal Life Force energies to flow
Expand your kundalini energies
Remove toxic energies, cords and negative intentions

The Shamanic Hopi Stone Empowerment can be used for both yourself and others.

Founder: Jay Burrell