Crystalline Reiki was developed to add a higher vibrational energy that will give you a positive dimension to your existing Reiki healing work, as well as to your everyday life. This attunement blends the scientific, technical, spiritual and metaphysical aspects of crystals, alongside a balanced knowledge of intuitive knowing.

You do not need any crystals to start working with this attunement but as you delve more deeply into this system you may find yourself wanting to build a crystal collection based on your own personal needs, and those that you feel will benefit your clients as well. This system is designed to work with etheric crystals equally as well as it does with physical crystals.

Crystals have been used in sacred rituals, healing and protection spells for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Reiki used on its own is an effective modality for healing body, heart and mind. Crystalline Reiki moves you forward to expand your consciousness and gives you a unique energy tool for healing both of self and others. During a Crystalline Reiki session, you can better focus your intentions on a specific condition or complaint to be addressed. Crystal healing for pets is another wonderful way to work with this system.

This extensive 238 page manual covers the following:
• Crystal Colors
• Cleansing Crystals
• Cleansing and Recharging spray
• Storing Crystals
• Charging Crystals
• Crystal Programming
• Crystal Deprogramming
• Etheric Crystals vs Physical Crystals
• Crystalline Reiki and Pets
• The Animal Chakra System
• Using Crystals for Personal Growth & Spiritual Development
• Crystalline Reiki and Self Care
• The Art of Inner Peace
• Meditation, including Meditation Practices
• Zen
• Be Kind to Yourself
• Life Balance – Work and Play
• Crystals for Sleep
• Spirituality and Personal Growth
• Crystals and Crystal Healing
• Crystals for Peace and Calm
• Stress Relief and Stress Management
• Crystals for Creativity
• Crystals for Weight Loss
• Crystals for Starseeds
• Crystals for Self Confidence
• High Vibrational Crystals
• Crystals for Psychic Abilities and Intuition
• Crystals for Personal Transformation
• Crystals for Hope and Faith
• Crystals for the Seasons
• Going Through Rough/Tough Times
• Crystals for Empaths/Hypersensitives
• Psychic Vampirism
• Crystals for Fear, Worry & Anxiety
• High Vibrational Crystals
• Crystals for Pain Relief
• Crystals for Lucid Dreaming and Dreamwork
• Crystals for Astral Projection
• Crystal Grids/Information, Examples, Templates
• Clearing the Chakras and Chakra Information Including Meditations
• Crystalline Reiki and the 3 Nadis: Ida, Pingala & Sushumna
• Atlantian Jewels – The Crystal Skulls of Atlantis
• How to Work with This System
• How to Create an Etheric Crystalline Reiki Orb
• Attunement Process
• Grid Master Symbol, Master Symbol
• Reiki Light Code Symbol
• Consent Form for Crystalline Reiki Healing Session
• Client Intake and Consent Form

Crystalline Reiki has 2 Levels – Practitioner and Master. Please leave at least 3 days between each attunement.

Founder: Jay Burrell