I have been guided that I am to increase the fees of the Mentoring/Healing Sessions I offer, though at the moment I am not sure when that will be.  I am waiting for more guidance.  Before your session I will ask you provide me with your goals and intentions that you would like to address. 

 During your Mentoring/Healing Session you will be attuned to an energy system that will allow you to continue working with the energies of the session afterwards.  The sessions include working with 4 energy systems.  One of them is sent to you as a distant energy attunement.  

 I will create a personalized crystal grid for your session that works with and compliments your goals and intentions for the session.  I often receive messages of guidance during sessions.  After the energies are sent you will receive a typed report via email detailing the work done on your behalf and a photo of your crystal grid.

There are many topics listed on here, but it is not a finite list.  There are a vast number of themes/subjects/issues that we can work on.

This work is great to do in conjunction with reading The Sophia Code® or on their own.  For more about this, please feel free to contact me for more details.

You may choose a single session to experience what they are like.  They are also offered as packages in groups of four sessions.  Payment plans are available upon request.

If you choose to purchase a package, the fee for the basic session will remain at the current fee for 13 months, regardless of when I am guided to increase the cost for 13 months

The fee for these sessions is $135 plus the cost of the additional attunement, paid in advance.  That varies.  The format is first I sit with my team of guides and energetic helpers, and the Divine Feminine Ascended Master Mentors and ask for guidance about which attunement would be perfect for the session to best suit your needs.  The energy work is chosen for you, then I channel as to which crystal energies compliment the work.

Mentoring/Healing Sessions are between and 60 and 90 minutes.  I will ask you to be undisturbed and in a relaxed stated for your highest possible outcome at the time.  They are offered either in real time at 12:30 pm EDT, or sent through the Cosmic Healing Bank, sometimes called the Orb of Life (chi ball) method.  Either of these are equally as effective.  Many people feel that the Orb of Life offers more flexibility and enjoy ‘calling in’ the energy before bedtime or whenever it’s most convenient to be undisturbed and more easily able to integrate the energies. 

Payment works in one of two ways for the packages.  I offer a payment plan for 4 months covering the basic fee of $135 for each healing session.  This can be paid in advance for the package of 4 sessions, or I have a 4 month payment plan where PayPal will automatically bill you once a month for 4 months for $135 each time. Attunement Fee:  To Be Determined After a Conversation With Me.  After we speak about your goals and intentions for your session, I will consulted with The Ascended Masters, and/or Guides and Angels to channel what energy attunement is best for your personal needs.  Upon receiving this information, I will send you an invoice, either for the attunement, or an attunement with both fees in one place.
Instructions will be provide to you in advance about attunements if you are not familiar with them.

Most of my session clients choose the packages because they offer flexibility of scheduling.  In either case, the session dates need to be booked at least three weeks in advance.   

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Most of my session clients choose the packages because they offer flexibility of scheduling.  In either case, the session dates need to be booked at least three weeks in advance.   

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