The Rainbow Bridge Reiki system connects you quickly to spirit, and to the
energies of the Rainbow Bridge. When your pet or animal friend crosses
over, they wait for you in a special loving area where they are happy and
filled with love and joy. The Rainbow Bridge is a bridge between the worlds
that connects you with your animal friends on the other side. It is an etheric
rainbow colored bridge made of pure light energy. It allows you to
communicate and connect with your animal friends that have crossed over.
It can be very comforting to be able to communicate and know they are
happy and okay. Also, your pet may have some guidance for you and using
the Rainbow Bridge to connect with them is a quick and easy way to
receive any messages or guidance your animal friend may have for you.

Using the Rainbow Bridge allows movement between the worlds. You are
able to visit them and they are able to visit you on a spiritual level. It is
easier for you to communicate with your pet that has gone on before you,
and any messages they wish to communicate with you is easier for them
also. It takes a great deal of energy for those on the spiritual realms to
communicate with those on the Earthly plane. But when you are able to
walk between the worlds using the Rainbow Bridge the energies allow you
to send and receive messages with ease.

During your attunement you will receive a symbol that helps you to deeply connect with this energy.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf