Lakshmi is the Goddess of Good Fortune. She can take away poverty and misfortune, bring joy, riches, harvest and children. She power, luxury, beauty, fertility and auspiciousness.

Lakshmi represents the beautiful and bountiful aspects of nature. She bestows power, pleasure and prosperity to those who deserve her grace. To realize her, you must respect the laws of life and appreciate the wonders of existence. As an Earth Goddess she is the Goddess of means of achieving objectives including prosperity into the lives of mankind.

Lord Vishnu is brings peace. He is a loving preserver of life, righteousness, truth and Universal shelter. The vehicle of Vishnu is the Garuda Eagle, the king of birds. When he travels with Lakshmi, together they bring peace and good fortune to all who desire them. They empower us with the courage and speed to spread peace and knowledge amongst all and bless us with good fortunes. Combined, they give us wisdom, peace, good fortune and not greed and blindedness fo things we do not need or desire.

Working with this energy can do the following and more:
Help you to manifest your desires while having peace in every area of your life
Restore peace to your life
Bring beauty into your life
Bring good fortune
Bring fertility
Bring courage
Bring abundance and prosperity into all areas of your life
Bring righteousness and truth into all areas of your life

Founder: Nicole Lanning