Laxmi is the Hindu Goddess of Beauty and Fortune, Wealth, Luck and Fertility.

Lakshmi evolved from the Milky Ocean, when gods and demons churned it for amrita, the divine nectar, giving her the title of daughter of Milky Ocean.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped by people who wish for wealth or those who wish to preserve wealth.

It is believed that Lakshmi only goes to houses that are clean and people are hard-working. It was said that Lakshmi adopted Lord Ganesh. He is the elephant-headed god of wisdom, prudence and salvation. He is considered a bringer of good luck and success in all ventures.

Ganesha is the destroyer of all obstacles, sorrows and negative energy. Merely looking at him is said to bring confidence.

Laxmi Reiki is designed to bring abundance into your life.

In the manual you will learn about The Shree Yantra. This is a powerful and unfailing instrument that attracts Laxmi, as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Founder: Victor Glanckopf