Rosa Mystica is a title of the Ascended Lady Mary in her aspect of spiritual guide and keeper of the mysteries. Her loving support can assist your soul in navigating the ever-changing seas of the personal unconscious mind as well as the collective unconscious.

Mother Mary is an Ascended Master and an Emissary of The Light. In many encounters with Mother Mary, people describe the scent of or presence of roses. The rose represents the perfection, beauty and wholeness of the fully actualized soul. In people’s encounters with Mary, she is often seen with roses or is accompanied by the perfume of roses. The rose is a powerful and evocative symbol that reflects the different aspects of the archetypal mother perfectly in its balance of thorns, petals, and intoxicating aroma. The rose reflects the principle that beauty and wholeness exist only with the thorns.

Life experiences can lead to fragmentation and the loss of connection to parts of the self. This attunement enables the reclamation of the lost parts of the soul for powerful and transformative healing and spiritual development.

The Journey of this attunement is the process of uncovering the secret and sacred truth of the crown of roses we seek to grace our own hearts with: the the thorns are an essential part of the beauty and perfection of life, love and the dignity of the human soul.

Mary is the Rosa Mystica. Through working with this system, she can provide you with the secure and sacred space within her heart for deep spiritual healing. In the sanctuary of her unconditionally loving heart, she supports you in realizing that the sacred space within your own heart and uncovering the mysteries for yourself so that you can grow in wisdom and truth.

Founder: Anna May (Maya)