The Celestial Rose is a sacred trans-dimensional symbol that has been given to us in the form of an etheric crystalline prism.

The Celestial Rose is composed of a very high vibrational frequency that resonates with the etheric component of the heart chakra and is connected with the energies of nature, love, self-awareness and self-compassion.

The Celestial Rose is closely connected with the energies of the Divine Mother. This vibration emanates and touches the soul of those who choose to accept it into their hearts. The love of the Celestial Rose will lift you beyond what you have known; beyond all self-imposed beliefs and far beyond any limits that you have placed onto your life. The Celestial Roses will work to lift you beyond these so that you will begin to think and experience thoughts that you have only dared to think before. You will feel moved by life itself, by its sacredness, in a way that may have been elusive to you. You will feel ecstasy without apparent cause, and you will feel as though every breath is a seductive caress of the Divine Mother as she touches your heart.

Within the Celestial Rose Empowerment you will learn how to access the Unconditional Activations.

1} Unconditional Love Activation

2} Unconditional Peace Activation

3} Unconditional Security Activation

4} Unconditional Comfort Activation

5} Unconditional Harmony Activation

6} Unconditional Healing Activation

7} Unconditional Self Love Activation

8} Unconditional Kindness Activation

9} Unconditional Calmness Activation

10} Unconditional Gentleness Activation

11} Unconditional Forgiveness Activation

12} Unconditional Compassion Activation

Founder: Jay Burrell