We are experiencing an ever increasing amount of energy shifts as the universal vibrational energy interacts with our personal energy fields to bring us all into alignment lifting us up from our third dimensional level of existence here on Earth. As part of your spiritual awakening you may have experienced quite a few Ascension Symptoms as your body (mental, emotional and physical aspects) release negative energy blockages and cycles of behavior, out of date karmic patterns and agreements.

Ascension symptoms such as: waking at the same time each night, unusual aches and pains, experiencing shaking or vibratory sensation while meditating or sleeping, feeling ungrounded or not fully in your body, loss of identity, heightened sensitivities to environment or diet, feeling out of place, extreme fatigue, weight issues, emotional or mental issues, wanting to “go home”, depression, anxiety, unusually vivid or violent dreams.

These kinds of imbalances can cause all manner of problems as you adjust to a new state of consciousness, especially for those who are navigating their way through human incarnations from other star systems and realms of existence. This energy system will allow you to more easily calibrate and integrate energy shifts, lunar and solar cycles, eclipses and flares and planetary alignments. This will allow to absorb higher vibrational streams of consciousness and to be able to tune-in and develop your unique spiritual gifts and abilities.

What you will learn:
• Ascension Symptoms
• The Empathic Response
• Self–care Guide
• Working with this energy for yourself and your clients

Founder: Raine Hilton