Level 1 – Dimensional Code Activation

Celestial Light Language and Light Codes can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The codes work by manifesting the product of your own divine guidance, guidance which you can receive through a constant stream from the Universal consciousness and celestial intelligence.

The light codes may be given in the forms of energy patterns, sacred geometry, symbols and signs that you are not familiar with through your natural human language. They may also manifest themselves through color, sound waves, light patterns, energetic frequencies and etheric vibrations. The purpose of these new light codes is to offer gifts of creation, and that express the diversity and individuality of life in its totality, through the different forms of their manifestation.

The sacred codes may not make any sense to the logical mind, however they will perceived and understood by the higher perception of your soul that act through your divine origin. When this occurs, the soul will activate triggers within your subconscious mind which will lead to the total activation of the light code or an inner change or manifestation of the light code and their messages.

The Celestial Light Codes are mostly transmitted to you through the realms of Spirit, also known sometimes as Akasha. This is where the Akashic Records are kept. They are often visualized as a book that contains the history of all humans. They may also be given to you through telepathic connections with the Ascended Masters and celestial light guides.

The Light Codes are transmitted to us through divine communication from the Ascended Masters, they are also transferred to you through ether. To simplify this message, the Celestial Light Codes can be seen as attunements and co-ordinations.

After you have received your attunement, I will register you. That will allow you to share the energies with others.

Founder: Jay Burrell


Level 1 – Prerequisite: The Celestial LightCode Activation

The Celestial LightCode Activation Level 2 was channeled in 2021 by Jay Burrell.
Mother Earth is accelerating through an intense transitory phase of moving from a 3D/4D single dimensional earth mindset, based society to an expansive multi-dimensional {quantum, the vibration where every belief and reality moves into “energetic review”. This“energetic/vibrational re-alignment” process is performed through a state of inner awareness to the energies of sacred source/spiritual consciousness and divine light that is held within each and every one of us. Transitioning an entire planet/species out of this old way of thinking/living is beyond intricate as every aspect of each person’s individual and entire life is affected by and is included in this process. With birth, creation and formation of the new earth frequencies, all new realities are born and are brought forth from deep within the human psyche. This process re-births a new being, a new state of mind, a new race and a new earth society that replaces the one that lived by the old ways of separation, ego, vanity, war, famine and negativity.

Through 2021 – 2030 we will experience the next phase of this global transition which is a part of the planetary ascension process that will establish new global templates and spiritual codes to support humanity as the greater whole. The next 9 years are going to be an intensive journey of personal transformation. They will present us with new opportunities, new potentials and all new choices too.

Every individual will awaken in their own time to this new sense of spiritual conditioning that will remove the old illusions of separation, want and need. As the ego aspect becomes understood, mastered/parented/governed and is allowed to dissolve so completely that separation can merge into unification there will be a sense of transcended awakening that will come fully from within.

All becomes ONE so that each person can choose to live from his or her state of spiritual oneness with every conscious act. This is where we see the new Earth. It is where the new earth is created, built, lived and experienced. We will become the light that we truly are and we stop living in the old ways once and for all.

You will learn about:
• The Morphogenic Field & Living in a State of Oneness
• Expansion/Visualization/Realization.
• The Holographic Self & DNA Activations.
• Quantum Data Information Technology.
• 2021 – A Shift In Power.
• The Old Earth/New Earth Split.
• Prioritizing Your LightBody Ascension Vehicle for Experiencing and Living New Earth Oneness.
• Physical Body Ascension / New Earth / Living Rainbow Bridge.
• Quantum Acceleration.
• Numerical LightCodes.
• Celestial Ray LightCodes.
• Soul LightCodes.
• Stellar LightCodes
• And Much More.

Founder: Jay Burrell