Prerequisite: The Celestial LightBody Activation.

The Multi-Dimensional Matrix is a continuation of the original Celestial Lightbody Activation. This system leads you forward on your spiritual path towards personal spiritual awakening and ascension.

The Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation has been designed to create a shield of pure Universal energy around to encompass your entire body from soles of your feet to the top of your head. This helps you to create a divinely guided connection with the energies of Spirit (or who/whatever you call God), spirit guides, angels and the Ascended/Galactic Masters who are stepping forth at this time to aid humanity on their path of personal ascension and enlightenment. Through this energetic connection you will also be given the ability to tap into a selection of etheric crystalline energies which will be specifically encoded into your auric field, strengthening your ability to move into a new state of pure spiritual conscious awareness. We are now entering a state of pure oneness where time and space no longer exist as we have believed it to be.

This new conscious awareness is slowly transcending both time and space to provide humanity with many opportunities that will present themselves to us and also help you to merge with higher aspects of self. Your expanded awareness can allow your etheric body to be propelled forward, creating a heavenly experience, right now within this current lifetime.

As you continue to work with the Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation you will open your etheric body and auric field to allow the blessings of the many beings of divine light to shine through you. Through expansion of personal awareness and psychic awareness you can experience altered states of consciousness, helping you to communicate with and experience the power and guidance of the Ascenced/Galactic Masters, angels, spirit guides and your own True Self.

The increase in your Psychic Awareness that you will experience Altered States of Consciousness which in turn will bring about Subtle Shifts within your Spiritual Life. These shifts in Awareness will help you to Communicate and experience the Attributes, Power and Guidance from the Ascended / Galactic Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides and your own True Self.

• You will learn about:
• The Dimensional Consciousness
• 1st – 5th Dimensional Consciousness
• Dimensional Planes and Sub-Planes
• Etheric Crystalline Encodings
• How the Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation will help you with Spiritual Progression.
• Invocations to connect with the Multi-Dimensional Matrix
• Archangels and Archeia
• The Divine Rays & The Secret Rays
• Metatron’s Cube
• A Guided Meditation with Metatron
• The Ascended / Galactic Masters
• Spirit Guides
• Astral Projection
• Astral Projection Techniques
• Lucid Dreaming
• Lucid Dreaming Techniques
• A Guided Meditation to Meet your Guides, Ascended / Galactic Masters and Archangels
• An Astral Projection Guided Meditation
• Dimensional Travel Guided Meditation and Much More
• The Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation Registration Information

Founder: Jay Burrell