For centuries, the world of mysticism has been branded as religions deepest, darkest, and perhaps, even most dangerous secret. Many believe mysticism to be associated with magic and the occult. Some are drawn to it for its parallels with Eastern and new age philosophy. But what if the ancient origins of mysticism have the power to transform your life?

There are many ideas, thoughts and beliefs about the Merkabah that focus on New Age Belifs. This attunement takes you back to the original philosophy of the Merkabah where you will learn about its symbolism with mysticism.

The Merkabah is a chariot that is believed to be a divine vehicle that transported people from one dimension to another. It can be thought of as a spiritual ‘spaceship’ of sorts, that can help us on our spiritual path towards personal ascension and enlightenment that can help you on your life path.

With your attunement to The Mystic Merkabah Crystalline Matrix Empowerment a wide selection of crystalline Merkabah structures will be encoded into your auric field, giving you the ability to tap into the their frequencies to help with personal healing and spiritual progression.

The crystalline structures you will receive can be activated during Merkabah meditations for the healing qualities of them to infuse your body, mind and spirit. This system helps with interdimensional travel, especially when visiting crystalline temples and holy buildings in meditations.

The Mystic Merkabah Crystalline Matrix Empowerment will introduce you to the following more:

• Jewish Mysticism

• The True Definition of Mysicism

• Mysticism in Scriptures

• Mysticism in Historical Literature

• Crystalline Merkabah Activations:
o Elestial Quartz
o Tanzanite
o Selenite
o Amethyst
o Smoky Elestial
o Danburite

• The Bindu Chakra
• Deep Breathing/Pranayama
• Bindu Chakra Healing and Activation
• The 18 Breath Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation

• Star Tetrahedron & The Star of David and Much More

Founder: Jay Burrell

$ 54