The Universe is comprised of many realities or dimensional, revealing doorways we can travel through. We can tap into the resources, wisdom, knowledge, experience, communion and love available to us in other dimensions.

The purpose of the Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation is to give us the ability to consciously access other dimensions, placing an aspect of our consciousness there so that we can perceive and active our dormant psychic abilities to experience multidimensional awareness. This enables us to connect directly with Higher Beings in other dimensions or realities to access knowledge, guidance, information, wisdom, healing and concepts, and then interpret them so that we can make use of them in this dimension.

The energy of the Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation gives us the ability to access knowledge that cannot be obtained through normal learning on the Earth plane or spiritual gifts such as channeling, clairvoyance, mediumship and other gifts.

This attunement also provides you with a shield of protection from any obstruction from any beings or other forms of interference that may try to restrain or impede access to this information. Our false beliefs will be released so that we can allow ourselves to consider the infinite possibilities in other realms and to accept them, empowering us to think outside the box so that our mind is open to truth.

There are forces in the Universe at work that are beyond our finite mind’s comprehension. Working with this energy system empowers you to explore the vast possibilities so that you can discover all the wisdom that the Great Masters before us were able to embrace with east. A feeling of separation is removed, allowing you to have greater personal and spiritual power as you connect to your Divinity, and accept that you are an extension of God’s consciousness.

This energy can be used to develop a greater capacity to explore all of yourself, to initiate positive change, to experience release from all limits, traumas (current and past life), move into larger awareness, spiritual understanding, enlightenment, and bring together all the areas of separation with All That We Are. The Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation allows you to experience infinite potential as well as greater connection to the Divine Mind, resulting in a heightened ability to experience true Oneness with the Divine, re-awakening the unlimited Source of Power within you, bringing miraculous changes into your life, and experiencing greater manifestation of your heart’s desires, goals and dreams.

Founder: Jay Burrell