The Rainbow LightBody Flush Empowerments are a set of highly advanced and finely tuned clearing and activation tools that help to develop your Mer Ka Bah and Light Body.

Each etheric essence in this attunement has been programmed with light body information along with channeled rays of energy from the Ascended Masters. These 10 essences provide you with support to help you assimilate higher and more advanced frequencies of light into your energetic systems and consciousness.

Our ability to activate our Light Body is dependent upon our abilities to allow our energetic and subtle bodies to completely resonate with the Light and Love of higher consciousness.

Each of the power essences in The Rainbow LightBody Flush Empowerments assists you in clearing, balancing and activating parts of your subtle body to bring you closer to the activation of your Mer Ka Ba or Light Body.

Included in the manual to help you get to know your Light Body:
• You Light Body – A New Perspective
• What is the Light Body?
• Elements of the Light Body
• Rainbow Body
• Ascension and the Light Body
• Experiencing the Light Body
• MerKaBah Meditation
• And much more in detail about your Light Body

The Activations:
1. The Etheric Body Empowerment – Ascended Master St. Germain
2. The Emotional Body Empowerment – Archangel Gabriel
3. The Mental Body Empowerment – Ascended Master Hilarion
4. The Causal Body Empowerment – Helios and Vesta
5. The Earth Star Empowerment – Egyptian Deity Thoth
6. The Soul Star Empowerment – Ascended Master Lady Nada
7. The Hara Empowerment – Ascended Master El Morya
8. The Thymus Point Empowerment – Ascended Master Sananda
9. The I AM Presence Empowerment – Ascended Master Sanat Kumara
10. The Mer-Ka-Bah Empowerment – Archangel Metatron

The Rainbow LightBody Flush Activations boosts your attunement to The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 6, and also suitable for people who want to work with The Rainbow LightBody energies without receiving the Rainbow Light Healing System.