Empowerment brings you supporting, nurturing energies for self-love, confidence and compassion. This energy brings energies to support and reassure you during difficult times, no matter what issue you are facing, calming you with the compassion and mercy that Quan Yin is known for. Her wisdom can calm and ease an anxious mind.

The energies of this attunement encourage you to be gentle with yourself, reminding you that you are a precious gift of life and worthy of your own self-love and self-compassion..

Gentleness of Goddess Quan Yin Empowerment assist your emotional and spiritual development and shows you the need for self-love. These emotions must come from within first before you can show them to others.

Quan Yin brings you:
Unconditional love – both giving and receiving
Feminine grace, beauty and power
Kindness and gentleness for yourself and others
Protection – especially for women and children
Spiritual enlightenment

Founder: Amanda Hadley