The Inner Child Healing Empowerment heals and soothes the wounded inner child that we all have.

This attunement teaches you why inner child healing is so important and how to do this. You will be guided in how to heal aspects of your life from the earliest of memories so you can move through each stage of your life to acknowledge the pain, suffering and fear as well as the happy, joyous and positive times.

Healing the Inner Child is not an easy process but it is one that will awaken an energy within you where you will start to see the world around you as well as your life with a completely new outlook and sense of awareness.

The energies of the wounded Inner Child Healing Empowerment will work within your etheric background to help reconnect you with the aspects of your inner child, helping you to feel a sense of safety and calmness enveloping your whole being. This vibration will also help your inner child to feel secure enough to make him/herself known so you can interact with them through contemplation, mindfulness and meditation.

As you work with the energies of this system, you may discover/remember the old wounds from your life that are in need of healing. You will discover the aspects of the wounded child that need your attention in order for balance of of mind, body and spirit can become the focus of your inner healing. Over time, you will move to a place where you can both heal each other and be of benefit to each other to move forward with love, peace, care and joy.

Founder: Jay Burrell