An energy signature is unique to each person. It allows you to naturally draw others to you who have a similar vibration.

When you work as a healer or a light worker you may find that you have a need protect your energy signature. The Energy Signature Protection attunement assists you in cutting cords to keep your energy pure by removing cords and protecting your energy signature from negative situations. If you don’t remove these negative energies your energy field may be weakened, damaging your health and wellbeing or even leaving you open to negative attacks.

Energy Signature Protection cleanses your energy field as well as that of clients you might be working with and from the space you are in as well. Archangel Michael assists with the removal and your protection and guides you as you work with this system.

Next, protection will surround you or your client, sealing the auric fields to keep you off the radar of these negative energies.

You will be attuned to two symbols to deepen your connection when working with Energy Signature Protection.

Founder: Raine Hilton