Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility and creativity. She is a Mother Goddess who nurtures and cares for those in need. She is often called the Cow Goddess. The energies of this system connect you to Hathor for empowerment, fertility, creativity and more. She is a loving Goddess who heals and nurtures you.

Hathor comes to you whenever you need reassurance, comfort, help building your self-confidence and your peace of mind. Hathor is kind and loving but also a fierce protector.

Connect to Hathor using the energies of the Hathor Reiki Empowerment for assistance with necessities, fertility, healing, comfort and during times when things seem unbearable.

Hathor can break creative blocks that prevent you from continuing your creative work. She inspires and boosts your creativity. If you feel doubts about your abilities, working with Hathor will reveal your strengths and the value of your work.

The Hathor Reiki Empowerment enables you to work with a symbol to enhance the energies of this system.

May you feel the love of Hathor’s blessings and protection, and may she inspire you to follow through.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)