Shekinah is the feminine force of Eternal Sacred Source
Shekhinah Purity Chamber with Purity Restoration Infusion helps you receive an elevation into your exalted unadulterated pure self. Shekhinah can assist to return to purity all who ask.
If you are in a relationship with or you are with someone who has a lower vibration than you, Shekhinah Purity Chamber assists to uplift you. Old relationship touches that are physical or emotional can be cleansed away with Shekhinah Purity Chamber.

Shekhinah Purity Chamber assists with bringing purity even if the touches you experienced were not physical. You can become adept at moving in and out of the energy fields of those you love without having to live in theirs.

Shekhinah can help you to gain inner strength and optimism after trauma. Shekhinah can help you feel clean from unwanted touches and past relationships. Shekhinah can dim the memory of bad contacts with others by restoring us to purity.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

If you intend to share this attunement with others you will need to purchase both levels, Master Teacher and Personal Use. Personal Use is for your use only.

Master Teacher: $90

Personal Use: $63