The Emotional Release Matrix Activation creates a shield of pure universal energy that encompasses your whole body from the soles of your feet to the top of your head and beyond, creating a deep spiritual connection with the energies of peace, tranquility, wholeness, love and serenity. As you work with these energies you will begin to open your energy fields to allow the true blessings of love to enter into your life, allowing you to gently remove all forms of negative thought programming and emotions which are no longer serving your highest good.

You will learn about:

• What is Emotional Release Healing
• How the Emotional Release Matrix Healing can help you
• The Emotional Release Matrix Activation Crystalline Encodings
• How to Activate the Etheric Crystals
• Invocations to work with the Emotional Release Matrix Activation
• Grounding Techniques
• 12 Grounding Crystals
• Grounding Meditation

Founder: Jay Burrell