The Lotus Flower of Quan Yin attunement is a gentle energy of peace, harmony and acceptance that incorporates the compassionate and loving energies of Goddess Quan Yin with the beautiful and harmonious energies of the pink lotus flower.

The energies are filled with purity, unconditional love and gentleness that can bring about a state of acceptance and non-judgment towards yourself and others. This raises your vibration and aids your spiritual growth and development.

The lotus flower represents spiritual awakening and purity. It is symbol of non-attachment. A lotus flower grows in the dark and dirt, but is not affected by the darkness as it grows up and above the surface of the water.

The Lotus Flower of Quan Yin attunement helps with:
• Raising your vibration
• Connection to the loving energies of Quan Yin and the lotus flower
• Spiritual growth and development
• Overcoming obstacles with grace and love
• Pushing through darkness and reaching for the light
• Non-judgment of self and others

You will be attuned to a symbol for healing yourself and others.

Founder: Amanda Hadley