Many Walk-Ins occur following a serious illness or life threatening
accident. Some even die and are ‘brought back’. As the new soul
awakens the time preceding the event is often remembered as
fragmented or like watching a movie rather than reliving the actual

Do you feel dissociated from events and people, even those close to you?

If you have walked in from a different star system, your transition may be very difficult as you try to fit into a society that’s very different from what you have previously known.

Do you find it difficult to follow rules and/or regulations that make no sense to you?

Are you labeled rebellious or hyperactive? Do you withdraw from the world into your own comfort zone, preferring to seek solace in your own company?

Are you searching for your true spiritual home but not knowing where it is? Do you gaze at the stars and feel intense longing or sadness?

Intense spiritual awakening may suddenly occur for you, perhaps accompanied by heightened spiritual abilities, mediumship abilities, and more. This can be overwhelming for both you and others around you if they don’t understand or accept such things, causing you to repress your new-found abilities.

Walking in can be a huge trauma on the body. It may manifest as illness, imbalance such allergic reactions to food, sensitivity to chemicals, asthma, anxiety attacks, depression, epilepsy or seizures as the body tries to reject the new soul.

It can take time for the new soul to fully integrate into the auric field. It can also be felt physically, mentally or emotionally.

The manual offers a very detailed quiz to determine the possibility that you or someone you know is a Walk-In. There is also a channeled Walk-In Transitional Alignment Exercise to work with.

During this attunement, you will work with the 7 major chakras as well as the soul and earth star chakras. This will strengthen and firmly anchor the energy field int this realm, while still allowing connection to your spiritual/celestial home where you can connect to the wisdom, guidance and comfort of your original home.

Founders: Raine & Philip Hilton