Sekhem Heka is a very powerful system of natural healing and self-development.

The name Sekhem Heka applied to Gods and Goddesses and was often part of the titles of pharaohs and queens. The Sekhem scepter carried by rulers and important officials was a physical representation of their earthly power.

Originally, the word Heka meant ‘magic’ or ‘magical power’, and it was also the name of a god who presided over magic.

This system of healing and self-development includes energy healing, exercises and visualizations that focus the chakras (energy centers) that are associated with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

This course was founded by Storm Constantine. It’s a mixture of Reiki, Sekehm and Seichim.

Along with Egyptian symbolism. It is a course, rather than an attunement.  It’s wonderful for working on your self-development.

This course consists of seven degrees, each with its own rituals and meditations. It is more than simply an attunement. You will be asked to complete exercises and keep a journal of them. I will ask you to share your experiences with me at each level along your journey in working with Sekhem Heka. I offer it here as a correspondence course that helps you to grow in your self, your spiritual development and also aids your healing skills.

As you progress through working with Sekhem Heka, you will experience deep healing and insight in cycles of your behavior and thought patterns as they are unblocked by the Sekhem energies.


The course consists of 7 degrees. Each level corresponding to a different chakra.

You must be attuned to Reiki or Seichim if you would like to take the 7th level which is the Master Teacher level.


1. Ha-a: the first degree corresponds to base (root) chakra, or sen-t. Goddess Sekhmet works with this level, Sekhem and Heka.

2. Sen-nu: the second degree helps to heal the sacral chakra or Khept-ti. Isis is the Goddess corresponding to this level.

3. Khemt-tu: the third degree. It aids healing the solar plexus or Hati. Ra is the corresponding God of this level.

4. Ftu-Nu: the fourth degree. It aids healing the heart chakra or Ab. Goddess Bast is the corresponding deity of this level.

5. Tu Nut: the fifth degree. It works with the throat chakra or Ashah-t and is aided by the energies of Goddess Maat.

6. Sas Nu: the sixth degree. It works with the Brow chakra or Aar-t. This level is aided by Goddess Wadjet.

7. Sefekh Nu: the seventh degree. It aids cleansing and healing the crown chakra or Qem-hu, as well as all the other chakras and is aided by Goddess Nuit.

Each degree has a different energy that corresponds to a different Egyptian deity.

You will be guided with the aid of meditations and visualizations to contact these energies and work with them. and with Heka himself.

You will learn to use a variety of hand positions or Aui , that help deepen your meditative state, bringing you closer to the energies.

SEKHEM HEKA is a system of healing and self-development derives from the founder’s experience in the healing systems Reiki and Seichim and also in magical practices inspired by Ancient Egypt. She has researched both Egyptian mythology and language and has incorporated that knowledge into this system.


You will be asked to email your notes. I will offer feedback when guided.

As each degree is completed, I will send the next level to you. You are expected to work with the energies and practices on yourself as well as others. You may work on others distantly.


You will need to purchase the book Sekhem Heka by Storm Constantine. It can be found online for about $20.

A degree in either Reiki or Seichim is necessary in advance of taking this course.

Founder: Storm Constantine


Degrees 1 – 6 are $54 each.

Degree 7 is $135.

Purchasing the entire course together offers you one of the levels (1-6) free. The fee is $459.

Levels 1 – 7 Together:  $459

Level 1:  $54

Level 2:  $54

Level 3:  $54

Level 4:  $54

Level 5:

Level 6:  $54

Level 7:  $54