The Remote Viewing Energy attunement connects us with the natural psychic ability we all possess, though few of us ever consciously activate it. Sometimes, remote viewing happens spontaneously and affords us a brief glimpse of someone or somewhere that isn’t physically in our sight. This can be in our present time or it may be an event we perceive as being from the past or future. Through remote viewing we can visit realms other than ours; there is no limit to its uses or when or where we can go. When we choose to actively develop this gift, we can use it as a valuable tool during meditation sessions to acquire accurate information about another person, a distant place, or a specific occasion without using our physical senses or any other obvious means.

Remote viewing is closely associated with the ability of clairvoyance. The Remote Viewing Energy attunement develop your psychic ability, or can enhance it if it’s already developed within you. psychic ability that is already well developed within you.

This energy system will help to strengthen your connection. It will surround you with highly protective shielding light energy which will help to keep you focused during your remote viewing, and its calming attributes will cut down on the stray thoughts and distracting monkey chatter. Do not worry if you feel that you are not particularly psychic as remote viewing is something everyone can learn to do. It will not happen overnight, so patience and regular practice is essential, again this energy system will help to open up your perceptions and put you into a receptive state.

What you will learn through Remote Viewing Energy:
• Remote Viewing Scientific Evidence
• Using Your Senses to Remote View
• How Remote Viewing Is Used
• Working with this energy
• Remote viewing techniques
• Additional exercises to enhance your senses
• Progressive muscle relaxation guided mediation

Founder: Raine Hilton