The 999 DNA Activation attunement aims to spiritually activate your DNA and integrate the 999 energy into your being for spiritual awakening and receiving the universal information contained in the light energies.

The 999 DNA Activation attunement works by first raising your vibration, which prevents any non-serving energetic influence, and creates a safe, energetic space to then work to support the spiritual activation of your DNA.

Your DNA are the building blocks of who you are. They are your blueprint that stores information
about you. Also, external factors such as the environment you live in, the food you eat and even
your thoughts may influence your DNA. Light energy may also affect your DNA.

Light energy is an energy that is of a high vibration. It is often described as love, as love is high
vibration energy whereas fear is low vibration energy. Light energy does not seek to destroy
dark energy, as dark energy is light energy that has not yet been realized.

● Spiritually activate your DNA.
● Enhance the ability to receive light energies.
● Access the 999 frequency energies.
● Moments of enlightenment.
● Spiritual awakening.
● Increased connections with the angelic realms.
● Strengthening of your spiritual gifts.
● Increased psychic development and awareness.
● Boost well-being and vitality.
● Increased personal power and realization of your powerful energetic self.
● Raise your vibration.

Founder: Craig MacLennan